MONETIC d.o.o. is a member of the SISBON system.

SISBON is an information system established by Slovenian banks in accordance with the Banking Act on 1 January 2008.

The system enables the mutual exchange and processing of personal data on customers, natural persons between banks other legal entities that are, in accordance with the ZBan-2, users of the system.

It collects and processes data relating to the actual and potential indebtedness and the correctness of the fulfillment of contractual obligations of natural persons and individuals. In addition to the data already available to banks, the above data are only additional information in determining their creditworthiness, on which the approval of the transaction and the determination of the conditions for an individual service depend.

SISBON was established to manage the credit risk of commercial banks and other lenders to ensure responsible lending and prevent over-indebtedness of individuals.

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